School Policies


Some Important Policies


  • We  welcome parents and other visitors. Please come by the office and sign in. However, the staff has the authority to ask anyone being disruptive to leave the campus.                                                                                     
  • MEALS-

    Under a new Federal Program, all students K-8 will receive free breakfast and lunch. Since the Middle School cafeteria provides our meals, all Warren Academy students will have free breakfast and lunch. Students are allowed to bring their lunch. Water can be purchased at school. Breakfast foods are not allowed to be brought in. Cup drinks are not allowed to be brought in.



    Upon entering school, all students are searched for contraband (any item that is against school policy to possess). See School Consequences for penalties of bringing contraband into the school. When being searched, a student will be asked to turn pants pockets inside out, remove shoes, and untuck their t-shirts. Remember, nothing should be brought into the school by a student without the prior approval of the teacher or Principal.



    Except in an emergency or illness, students are not allowed to use the phone. Please refer to the handbook policy on Medications. Students must be aware of their afternoon transportation status before coming to school.



    Students come to Warren Academy by personal vehicle. Upon arrival they must come into the school building. Only Level One students may drive to school.